Here you will be able to discover some of the writings that surround "The Journals of Simon Pariah".  A diversity of material will be made available here for your entertainment and edification, with the hope that you will linger a while and indulge in a brief meditation, an occasional reverie, or even a bit of whimsy.  Above all, enjoy yourself and feel free to wander down this path at any time.

Stories.  Here will be found text versions of some of the stories found in the e-books, perhaps with slight additions or differences, as well as original stories which may never be drawn.  Possibly also stories written by friends of Simon Pariah, if any be thought to be of interest to all.  Maybe one could be yours?

Wanderings.  From time to time, I will be writing an editorial article on any topic that seems interesting and relevant at the time.  Occasionally I will be publishing and responding to letters and emails from readers.  I will also publish some articles here which will not appear in the books.  They promise to be entertaining and hope to be occasionally thought provoking.  Drop in, read an opinion and maybe share a thought.

Comics to Read on the Bus.  Come this way and find out what comics might be of interest of late: which ones are worth reading (in my opinion, of course) and which ones have offended me mightily!

Bibliography.Wander this way and find out which books and other works of art have inspired these writings of late.  Perhaps you will be reminded of something that has been around for a long time.  Maybe you will discover something completely new.  Discover along with me.